donderdag 18 september 2014

a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the postman brought a present! Completely unexpected!!!!

My name was on it?!!!!   who?  what????   I rushed to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors!

lovely card.....lovely pink coloured paper and!!!!

gorgous label................!


a pincushion! It was sent to me by dear Josephine from  

I'm SO happy with it! Josephine has made this herself, roses inclusive! and when I saw it the first time on her blog, where she wrote she was going to make more, I said GREAT so maybe in future I can buy one from you?!
Here it is! A CUTE PRESENT!!!!!!!    

Dear Josephine!  THANK YOU! I love it and appreciate this more than you know!!!!!
You sweet woman!!!!!!!!
Dank je wel!!!!!!

HUGS!  Pink

Many people know Josephine and her beautiful blog; you can find beautiful bears, embroidery, pictures and more creativity on her blog! Have a look! Enjoy!!!!!!

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