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 Sunday January 11th 2015.

Haken......ik doe het graag maar niet zo vaak. Nu heb ik een vriendin die allerlei leuke olifantjes en beertjes haakt en ineens had ik het te pakken: inspiratie!
Crochet....I love to do it but don't crochet very often. Now, I do have a dear friend who crochetes all kind of lovely elephants and bears and suddenly I got: inspiration!

Ik houd er van om zelf iets te ontwerpen en ik ben begonnen aan een konijntje. Het wordt gemaakt van een sokkenwol in gemixte kleuren. Haaknaald nr. 2.
I love to design and I started with a little rabbit. I use sockwool with mixed colours. Hook 2mm.

Een beetje gek word ik er eigenlijk wel van, al die kleine steekjes en dan ook nog een draad die splijt en verschillende kleuren.
It drives me a little bit crazy to be honest, all those tiny stitches and also a thread which splits and has different colours. 

Doorgaan luidt mijn devies.........continue is my device!

hoofd head

MET schijfje!  WITH a disc!

leuk, dan kan het hoofdje bewegen! nice, the head can move now!
2 oogjes gebroken maar ze zitten! I broke 2 eyes but here they are!
het vilt onder de ogen is kleiner en dunner gemaakt; ik heb wat kleur-accenten aangebracht. Het lijkt me leuk om andere stof voor de oren te gebruiken; ze zitten met spelden vast omdat ik eerst het lijfje af wil hebben om te zien waar de oren leuk staan. The felt underneath the eyes has been made smaller and thinner and I shaded. I think it is nice to make the ears from a different fabric; they have been pinned now because I first want to crochet the body to find the right position for the ears.
De neus is van wolvilt gemaakt en is nog niet af. The nose is made from woolfelt and isn't finished yet.

Ik ben begonnen aan het lijfje en heb uitgerekend dat ik nu voor het midden van het lijfje 1152 steekjes moet maken (echt waar!)
I've started with the centre of the body and calculated that I must make 1152 stitches now.

Ja........doorgaan dus! continue!

Wordt vervolgd To be continued!


Wednesday January 14th 2015.

Het lijfje is bijna klaar; ik laat een stukje over omdat ik de schijfjes nog moet verbinden. Nu ga ik eerst de ledematen haken........
The body is almost finished; I leave an opening to be able to join the disc's. Firt I'll crochet the limbs now......

Het lijfje heb ik toch iets kleiner gemaakt....ik zit nu op 1150 steken (geloof ik!)
I made the body a bit smaller....I think (!) I made 1150 stitches now!

Tijd om weer verder te gaan!  Time to go on again!


Tuesday January 20th 2015. 

Het konijn, hoe ging het verder...........
The rabbit, how did I continue...........

De ledematen zijn van stof gemaakt. 
Nadat ik de benen en armen met scharnieren had vastgezet aan het lijf ben ik wat gaan vullen met een combinatie van schapenwol en katoen en bovendien zit er een zakje in de buik met glaskorrels. Er zitten ook korrels in de voeten.
The limbs are made from fabric.
After adding the limbs with disc's and cotterpins I started stuffing with a combination of sheepwool/cotton and I added a little pocket with glasspearls. There also are glasspearls in the feet.

Hier kun je het zakje met korrels zien. Het ligt op een laagje vulling.
Here you can see the pocket with glasspearls. It is placed on a layer of stuffing.

Om het hoofd-scharnier in het lijf te kunnen bevestigen moest ik een opening laten.
To be able to join the head to the body I had to leave an opening.

Zo zag het eruit.  This is what ik looked like.

Konijn!!!   Kan los staan. Ik heb gesculptuurd met draad. 
Rabbit!!!   I sculpted with thread. Stand alone.


Ik ben blij dat konijn af is! Doe ik zoiets nog een keer?  hmmm..............misschien!  Konijn is ca. 16 cm groot.
I'm glad rabbit is finished! Will I do something like this again? hmmm.........maybe!  Rabbit is appr. 6,5 inches.

Bedankt voor het volgen van dit project!  Thank you for following this project! 


Saturday June 7th 2014.

Knitting for is not really my thing but as I have this lovely Blythe doll and a dear friend in Denmark who gave me the Blythe doll.....I tried to make a dress for her gorgeous dolls.
My Blythe doll has been assembled using different parts my friend told me and the body is quite equal to a Barbie-doll in my opinion.

Searching the internet for a Barbie knitting-pattern I found a fabulous website called 

It is filled with free knitting patterns and not only for Barbies. Many patterns have been translated in different languages. So, Lisa from the website, if you ever find my blog and read this: thank you!!!!

Here are some pic's and I'm a bit proud I succeeded! The decorations were my own idea. I used knitting-needles 2 mm and I think the part at the waist must be knitted with smaller needles.....well, maybe next time?! : ))))  This dress took me HOURS to knit it, really!


 Wednesday 12 March 2014.

On my page work in progress I already mentioned my friend asked me to knit her some scarves for her Blythe-dolls. Sure! She sent me some nice wool and I started knitting. The wool has a special texture with thicker and thinner parts which shows in the scarves.....for the shabby look!
My friend loves I've made 3 different scarves with different sizes needles. Today I've send them to her and I'm pretty curious which one she likes the most!

In her last mail she asked me if I could add fringes too please? Sure! Now, I don't know how long she likes the fringes or how thick/thin so I made some fringes and she can cut them if she likes. I also have send her some wool just incase she wants other ones.....and I added a crochet-needle for her. She can't knit or crochet.....!
She told me she had been searching the internet for those scarves and there are not many for, if you like to knit....

Here is a pic from the scarves; one was knitted with needles 4 mm,  one with 4,5 mm and one with 5 mm.
For the 4 mm I casted on 8 stitches and for the other scarves 7 stitches.

Now I must knit grey ones from wool she has send me too!  One every day I think!

Thanks for looking!
The last days I knitted a doll-bear trouser. It doesn't fit any of my bears but I will make one for them!

Here is a picture:

it can be nice to add some lace to the trouser-legs! The size is appr. 12 x 15 cm / 4,5 inch / 6 inch and I used the moss stitch.
I think it is important to measure a doll or bear very well because they can be so different in sizes. What I use to do is take a piece of paper and use it on the bear to get the right size (I didn't this time!)
If you know your gauche it is not that hard to calculate the stitches you need and when you have to increase or decrease stitches you can calculate that too. If you have to go from 30 stitches to 10 stitches you know how many needles it takes to reach that if you decrease 1 stitch at the right and 1 at the left.....
I think it is fun to try this!


Writing the free pattern for the salmon-coloured vest/sweater is almost done! Will be posted this week!

2 evenings designing, knitting and crocheting.....and here is the result. I made one more little sweater, for Bobo this time. The stitch-pattern used is called clay-stitch. I love it. I also knitted with smaller needles, 2,5 mm this time. Must confess it was a little bit harder to hold the needles all the time because I don't feel them very well, but with some patience......! This pattern has been knitted in one piece.....I love the result!

Here are pictures!

Bobo! my sweet vintage little girl!

For those who like to know:  clay-stitch goes like this:

1 row knit
2 row knit
3 row knit one, purl one
4 row knit on knit and purl on purl *

repeat between *  *  !


It was so much fun to design and knit this little bear- or dolls sweater! The size is appr. 4 x 4 inches.I have decorated the outside with  lovely crochet stitches. On the back there are 3 little wooden buttons. The yarn I used is cotton and I used a 3mm knitting- and crochet needle. More to come!

This little bag is crocheted; you can find details on my page: work in progress!
appr. 5 cm / 1,9 inches; although this bag is very tiny there is enough room inside for our biggest wish (which we will keep secret for some more time).....

Baby-socks, I can't resist them! 

a present for my sisters friend from Poland!

and again for the woman from Poland.....
I added imitation leather and made the holes by hand.

sneakers, went to......ofcourse!

this hat was crocheted
for my friend lotte who has newborn-dolls (they look very alive!)

socks again, knitted and leather again!
and this vest was knitted with Scheepjeswol and has a Hardanger knot. I love to design and try out these patterns!

this one was crocheted for a little girl; I don't think it is "my thing" and am not very good at it.

cute knitted tiny vest! sent to lotte....

crocheted hat, not that big, and I loved to make it

oh dear, now that I'm up-loading these pic's I feel the need to get my knitting-needles!


Inspired by the lovely pompoenen (pumpkins) from other bloggers I searched for a pattern of fruit. Found patterns on     -   free patterns in different languages. Under "fruit" I found this pattern and more! So, I loved to crochet this one; maybe I must use a smaller hook. More to come, it's a nice "in between" project! of the things I like to do. 

I love shoes (but have only 2 pairs myself) and one day I started crocheting baby-shoes. Small...quick result.

First I used a free pattern from internet....and again...and again; when I thought I understood the patterns I started to design my own. Ofcourse I made mistakes! The nice thing with crocheting is that it is simple to pull the thread out again and start all over. 

These were made using a free pattern and I used some left-over yarn. 

 these I just tried...

these are made from a multi-colour thread and I like the result. I learned I must start the second baby-shoe with the other side of the thread to avoid equal shoes!

knitted vest for Bobo

 I designed and knittted this vest from white cotton. Afterwards I hand-dyed it with tea, rose included.

How do I design: I measure the size of the waist, neck, openings for the arms and neck. I draw this on a piece of paper.
If I know how many stitches will go in 1 cm (or 1 inch if you choose) I can calculate how much stitches to cast on. While knitting I keep laying the knittet vest on my paper to check the sizes. I started at the bottom at the front and ended at the bottom of the back. No seams in the shoulders! I kept in mind the opening for the neck should be big enough to let the head thrue the opening.
On the back it has a little opening with a tiny button and lace.

I found some vintage lace and a tiny rose to decorate the vest.

Here is a picture....while knitting I made notes about what I did.....I only show one side here.

If one can knit it must be possible to design clothes for a bear this way I think. Try it! It is fun!

Knitted baby-shoes with leather soles know! This was such a nice pattern to knit and I thought: how to give these shoes something extra? I took a piece of leather from an old coat...and made soles. I have an instrument to make holes and it was very usefull for these soles. I attached it with a V-stitch with the same cotton I used to knit the shoes. Must confess....I love them!

knitted pullovers

It is hard to get bored when you make bears.....but sometimes I do get bored or am thinking about a new bear (can take some time before I know what I want to design and create).
When this happens I like to look around in my left-over yarns to knit a little pullover...or vest...or trousers...or socks...

This is a simple pattern, we call it raglan.....and it is not very hard to change the size. These are about 10 cm / 4 inches.
Not that I do anything with these least not yet! But it is fun to knit them! Will find a destination for them, I'm sure!

and a few more things I made................   : ))))))))))))))

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