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Project 1: stitchery-quilt - finished
Project 2: pocket for scissors - finished

Thursday  Octobre 24th.

In Germany visiting a market we found this little scissors. I like scissors, specially the small and decorated ones.

I made a little pocket for it so I never have to search for the scissors anymore!


Op de markt in Duitsland vonden we dit schaartje. Ik vind schaartjes leuk, vooral de kleintjes.

Ik heb een klein zakje gemaakt voor dit schaartje zodat ik het niet steeds hoef te zoeken!

the size   de maat

cutting felt; I used thicker felt   
vilt knippen, ik gebruikte wat dikker vilt

adding a heart of linen    
een hartje van linnen

afterwards I made the threads more loose; you can see this later; I used fray-check (raffle-stop) before making the threads loose.
Naderhand haalde ik de draadjes los en gebruikte eerst fray-check (rafel-stop)

the inner-side and a heart to cover the stitches    
de binnenkant en een hartje om de steekjes te bedekken

the stitches are made in the felt but now shown on the out-side  
 ik maakte de steken in het vilt en je ziet ze niet aan de buitenkant
done  klaar

here you can see the threads are more loose and there are some decorations; the both sides have been stiched together      
hier kun je zien dat de draden wat losser zijn en er zijn wat decoraties; beide helften zijn aan elkaar genaaid

the final result! 
het eindresultaat!
This time I leave the decorations this way; a simple scissors-pocket with simple embroidery and decorations!

It was fun to design and make this one and I'll sure make more things like this!

Thank you for your visit! 

Deze keer maakte ik niet zo veel decoraties; een simple zakje voor een schaartje met wat borduursel en decoraties.

Het was erg leuk om dit te ontwerpen en maken en ik zal zeker meer van deze dingetjes maken!

Bedankt voor je bezoek!


Stitchery-quilt.....the first one...

Stitchery......I had never heard of it but recently I discovered it and I love it.

Today I've put on my "naughty shoes" as we call it and started a little stitchery project. I have no pattern and work "free hand" and use my imagination.....after having seen a nice piece of kitchen towel with a little drawing....I think I get my inspiration almost everywhere!

Here are some step-by-step pictures:

I didn't use very many colours for the embroidery because the fabrics have lovely warm colours. The fabric I use is called mini-fabric and I use it many times for making mini-bears. It feels so soft and it doesn't raffel. It looks a bit like suede but it is thicker and softer in my opinion and the fabric has a spark.
If you are interested in the fabric most of the time you can order it at teddybear-suppliers and good news: it is not very expensive.

I'm not sure yet how I will go on but while working I'll find my way!

You are welcome to come back to see the progress! Thank you for your visit!


Tuesday Octobre 21th.

  The weather is bad in the Netherlands and we are waiting for a storm this has been raining almost all day so time enough to do some stitching!

The stitchery project is finished. It was so much fun, not knowing where it should end.

I have added stuffing for quilting and stitched a back-side by hand

after turning all to the right side I closed the opening with a ladder-stitch

here you can see a metal bead added to make it possible to hang the stitchery-quilt on a wall

The stitchery-quilt! As you might see I have added more make it more in harmony.
I added quilting-stitches too.

The result.....I'm pretty happy with it! so.....a new many can one have?!  well, as long as the addiction is innocent it is very OK to me!

Thank you for following this project! Be well!


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