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Needle-felted stuff....I call it this way. Not long ago I started with needle-felting and now I'm kind of addicted to it! It is such a nice material to work with and it gives me such colourful results if I choose so. In the beginning it hurted.....very very much because these needles have sharp pieces. I punched into my fingers...... Many times!!!! THAT hurts! Going better now!
The sound of needle-felting (I needle-felt by hand) is very cosy......

This is my "flying" bear. Needle-felted over a styrofoam-ball and my fist experience. I found out that it is possible to add glass-eyes the way used at mohair bears. One of my sisters wanted this ball...for someone special.....but once she saw it in real....she kept it! Funny!

Here is another one. Searched internet for a drawing of a Panda-bear. This is a tiny styrofoam-ball covered with layers wool again. If you keep on punching in styofoam-balls the balls get damaged too much and will become too soft. That's why I cover the balls with layers wool and punch them just enought to stay on and then I go on making a bear . which I needle-felt firmly.
I love the texture very much!!!!  This ball was a present for one of my customers...and is all the way in New Mexico.

Baby polar-bear! I love the colours!

More to come!


Saturday November 15th 2014.

Mijn vriendin Dot in Schotland houdt van Rudolph......en ik heb dit schilderijtje voor haar genaaldvilt. Gewoon op een stukje stevig vilt en ik heb het om een kartonnetje gevouwen en met lange draden vastgezet. Om het af te werken heb ik weer een lapje vilt gebruikt. Het was erg leuk om te doen!

My friend Dot in Scotland loves Rudolph....and I needle-felted this little painting for her.
I used a piece of stronger felt and folded it over a piece of card-board from an old box and I used long stitches to secure it around the card-board.
The backing is a piece of felt again.
It was a lot of fun to make it!

Het schilderijtje is 20 x 21 cm; the painting is 7,9 x 8,3 inches.


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