WIP 4 FINISHED bear in wooden shoe

Saturday July 5th 2014.

Sometimes I don't know why some ideas come to me......like this one:

suddenly I saw a little wooden shoe in my closet....it has been standing there for a while, not knowing what to do with it but I bought it.....maybe the idea was born then?
I'm almost out of fabric and had no time yet to go to my supplier......and if this happens I start looking thrue the stuff I do have.....and found a little piece of off-white viscose. Wooden shoe....viscose.....disc's.....I've got it!

it is so much easier to stitch the parts from double fabric!

I added fray-check before cutting the fabric.....this viscose raffles very much

took me 5 minutes per piece to get the fabric to the right side......phew!!!!!

adding mini-steelshot with tweezers; do you see the needle?!

a little "something" has been born! Hello! stand alone.....

one of the best parts is to decorate eventhough I don't think it is easy to decorate : )))   It has a glass-bead from my friend and the head is from mohair

ofcourse I still was out of the size eyes......so I took these tiny shoe-button eyes and varnished them

varnished the eyes again so little one is drying! still in progress.......needs shading....and a hug (me too!)
Now, about the wooden shoe......I think I'll keep you waiting a bit longer before I show it to you and specially what I made from it! Still working on it btw!

btw: I used the free pattern for Mousy but left the darts out.....

Thanks for your visit and I'll be back soon!


well...well.....in the last 1 1/2 hour the temperature dropped with 7 degrees!  it feels much better! rain!!!!!  we need rain!!!!! 

watch out!!!!!   jump!!!!!  at least that's what I have to do now all the time!  Little polar-bear driving from the left to the right, very fast, having a lot of fun!!!  look at that!!!!!

there he goes again!!!

Let me show you what all happened here:

dear dear hubby helping me!  making little pieces of wood for the wheels (we used a chopstick for the wood!)

and a little hole on top of the nose for the flag.......btw afterwards I removed the yellow ring....didn't like it!

it took some time before we found the right nails but we could solve all this by adding a smaller disc! Tada!!!!

where would I be without him???!!!!

the hole for the flag AND the flag! I made it from a lovely paper and glued it double with a stick inside (sate-stick this time!)

and a little rope.......

jump!!!!!   here he goes again : )))))))

What I did was: I made the wooden shoe look "older" by using sandpaper.....and I varnished everything with a mat-varnish (not shiny I mean); I glued a propeller on the back (it is a bead) and made a rope with some bells and wooden sticks for the "little racer"......

there is one tiny thing:  the bottom of the shoe is not equal and I didn't notice so, if the ship-car is on my desk you can see one wheel is not touching the floor.....but, as this wooden shoe is meant as a toy and supposed to be made by litte polar-bear.....I think it is perfectly OK!

Polar-bear measures appr. 6 cm / 2 1/2 inches without the conical hat; the wooden shoe is appr. 10 cm / 4 inches. Polar-bear has been shaded.

Don't ask me why I made this......NO idea but it was a real fun-project!!!!!

Thank you for following my project!  Now......what shall I do next????????   aha......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxx Pink

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