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People who know me well know I like to explore the world of teddy-bear making.....try to find out different results with differents fabrics and patterns and more and get confrontations with mistakes! I learn from my mistakes, that's OK!

This time I use a green felted open sparse mohair and a new pattern. It looks like the pattern from some bears of my bearshouse but it isn't!

the first steps; I stitched the dart backwards

at this point I use to think: will this ever become a bear-head???? Phew!

I always check, check and double-check if the stuffing has been added equal by turning the piece over and over again and keep it in front of a mirror (has something to do with your brains I learned one day)(it works!)

joint added and opening closed

aha...!   tiny eyes, very tiny indeed! I love it! and a bigger eye for the nose.....and a smile! Must do some scissor-sculpting....later!

happy chap!!!

I made the seam between the paw and the arm round so the paw will bend inside. Also I made a "seam" with the white thread to keep the seam in place while stuffing; it will be removed afterwards.

At this moment almost everything has been stitched; I must add the footpaws and close the legs. Well, not tonight anymore!

Please come back soon to find out more!



All parts are ready to get stuffed......



It is really hot here, something like 28 degrees Celsius. A few days ago it was 16 degrees. Typically Dutch these changes!
Today I succeeded to stuff and join the bear. Well...bear???  not sure tho!

This is what it looks like at this moment. I did some scissor-sculpting on the paws and the snout too. Time for some embroidery!
It is a felted mohair but I brushed it. I like the wild look! When it is finished completely I will comb again with a comb and some water....did you know the hairs will stay that way for a while? If I use this method I don't have to add gel or something like that. Great! I don't like gel for a bear and will never use it. 

The bear has been stuffed with polyester and glass-beads and can stand alone. To me it looks more like a critter but that is very OK for me!

The free pattern will be added when the bear is ready! I also have a nice pattern of a mouse I shall add by that time.

Now, almost bedtime here. Curious if the thunder and lightning will come this night..."they" said it should be here this afternoon but...nada...niente...niks...nothing!

Maybe until tomorrow! 



Bear is ready! My dearest friend TC from Arizona (you know who I mean? TCFolk originals   from the gorgeous bears!  there is a page about her on this blog!)  wrote me that this one is not a critter! Phew, thanks TC! 

What I did today was get on my bike to the hobby-shop to get some red lace. Green and red.....these colours are equally strong.....no matter the size of the colour you use... so interesting! Bet you believe or maybe already guessed I didn't only buy the red lace! also some white....and knitting-needles 2 mm....and cotton.....but I was strong and left the shop.....it was hard!

Sylvette from slm-arts.com made the handpainted silk scarf and the glass-beads!

The total length is appr. 6,5 inches / 16,5 cm.

Here are some pic's!

I'm happy with this little bear just like the bear it self! Yesterday my dearest friend from Scotland Dot (from the books, Dot Taig) asked me if I had started a new line?  Funny! I don't have a line, or better never had a line but maybe I should start a line called Happy Chaps....or Happy Pinkies......or......  : ))))

I shall try to add the pattern this week!

Thank you for following this project and visiting my blog!  You make ME smile and remember: a smile tells everything!

Hugs! Pink

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