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 Monday, August 25th 2014.

Hurray, there is a new little house in progress!

Last week I visited a fair-trade shop and found this cute little box:

This box....when I saw it, I HAD to have it! It is a bit bigger than my hand and it is made of.....
elephant poop. Elephant poop?????  Yes!

It comes from Sri Lanka; they assemble the elephant poop and dry it; then they cook ik together with a special plant - margosaleafs - which kills bacteries (phew!); the left-over straw and grass is mixed with used office-papers and everything gets mixed into pulp. Using salt they mix colours. Time to make paper now!

Good news too is that a part of the money is used to protect the elephants and also very good news is that over 100 people have work that way and get a fair payment.
One of the people in our fair-trade shop has visited the location in Sri-Lanka and has seen it with own eyes I've been told.

More good news!  the paper doesn't smell!!!!!

This box inspired me at once and this time I'm making a small ellie.
First thing I did was some decoration, inside only:

this is beautiful self-adhesive lace....GREAT!

I added a warm colour mini-fabric (velvet-look) and the lace

there is a hole......because it was a memo-paper box; I need that hole and will show you why in future!
For the ellie I used the free pattern for Dottie panda-phant  but made some changes...and I use a warm mini-fabric velvet-look fabric again (I LOVE this fabric!):

here you see me struggling  and checking if everything is ok.....the ellie is up-side down; body and part of the head

it is time to add the gusset but before I do so I use to turn the fabric of the trunk to the good side because, if I want to do this is VERY hard....or even impossible without damaging the fabric.....
aww......little ellie!  5-way disc-jointed; I'm getting better in this!  Doesn't take me 1 hour anymore...but still a lot of time becasue I want to do it...neat! The Oral-wax-thread on the back-ground: I use this to close the neck and for adding the eyes.

ellie looks tired....or feeling strange in this new world.....empty...!

3 mm glass-eyes thread-jointed and with a piece of woolfelt
Time to stuff the ellie! Ellie will feel much better then!

If you like to see the progress......please come back!  Thanks for your visit!



Wednesday 27th August 2014.

The elephant is ready. I went to the beadshop for a nice crown and I embroidered the paws. Ellie is a stand alone and appr. 9 cm / 3,5 inches (without the crown). The ears are made from woolfelt and still soft.  I added little buttons.

ellie has straw and it is strange but it stays where is is...eventhough it is loose....better! it can be removed then! Ellie has a litle friend....the Giraffe; it's from the same shop.


ready for a big hug.....or....ready to GIVE a big hug!!!!
I really really enjoyed making this one! 

Thank you for following!

Hugs, Pink

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