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Oh...my!   one more addiction????   Quilting......!

Inspired last Saturday when I visited a "show and tell" from Mrs. Betty Prins. This was SO beautiful!

I have always been interested in patchwork and quilting but never started. A few years ago my dear friend Leny went to a course for art-quilting. She made a beautiful art-quilt......and still I didn't start myself. I even gave her all the things I had for quilting...yes, I had bought a lot already....still didn't start!

Thanks to Betty I got the courage to give it a try! (thank you Betty!)

After the "show and tell" we all got some pieces fabric to make hexagons.

cutting paper; I prefer a bit stronger paper

Yesterday I searched my "bear-palace" for fabric....I knew I had fabric....and I found it! It were little pieces quilt-fabric...cotton.
Next thing to do was: ....cut fabric......and "glue" the seams....."GLUE" THE SEAMS??????

Yes!  Betty showed us how you can use special adhesive tape (the one used for painting your house and protect for example the window).........and, as they say "easy does it"........ this method was speaking to me!

using self-adhesive tape; TIP! don't use old tape! Mine got loose again!

cutting fabric

I needed 7 hexagons......but believe me, I couldn't stop anymore! My idea was to make a mini-quilt.....VERY mini.....to try.....

don't count.....it are 51 : ))))))

Using the fabric I have......makes that I do not have all the colours I would love to use but it is OK for me....it is my first try so I can deal with it!

stitched together by hand; maybe next time I can better make smaller seams!  as you can see I've taped the seams again; maybe next time I use a tack-stitch to join everything together; might be more neat?

done......so far so good.......the design has been changed.....if it comes to composition I must say the one with the stripes leads my eyes outside this block so I had better jointed another one! Too late! All the different designs of the fabric are kind of....."crowded" but I don't mind because it is just "a try-out" from the fabric I have!

I have found the centre by folding the round piece of fabric twice and used a pin to keep everything in place; then I taped again

trying to stitch all together as invisable as I can.....btw I did iron the fabric

I understand that now I must add an "in between" layer.....I don't have it! The shop is open on Wednesday, I must wait!

I plan to add some embroidery to make it look "more alive"; curious if I will succeed!

Whatever it may be....I think it is very cosy to patch and quilt!  Like I said:  a new addiction????

To be continued!

Thank you for your visit!


Wednesday September 10th 2014.

There is some progress:

I am adding small lace
I make a stitch to keep it in place
using a big embroidery needle to make a hole for the lace
adding some fray-check, just in case.....
the back, all done
.........and a little rose for decoration......

I was thinking: it looks like a little present!

Today I hope to buy the "in between" layer and to go on.  I'm having fun here!


Thursday September 11th.

Yesterday my husband said: there is a quilt-shop in Lochem.......

If you say things like this to me......hmmmm.................let's go!  So we did. 
WOW! what a gorgeous shop! Situated in an "old" house, or should I say "ancient"? Beautiful! Once inside we were overwhelmed by beautiful fabrics and quilts! but also by the very kind owners!  and their doggies!

The woman has told me so much about quilting! I appreciated it very much! Even my husband got interested!

I needed the "in between" fabric  and I got it:

fiberfill.....big piece....2 euro....! The woman showed some quilts she had made with it inside...
Do you recognize this:  you are in the shop......the owners take time for you.......tell you a lot.....show you beautiful quilts.....and there is this little basket with fabric-rolls on the counter?????  Yes?  I bought 2 rolls and the pattern for a quilt was free......WOW!

How am I doing with MY quilt? 

I have cut the fabric for the back

and stitched all together by hand LEAVING AN OPENING....

I made loops with double thread on both sides of the opening; that way, if I have turned the fabric to the right sight, I can see where to stitch......a round pattern is not the easiest one in my opinion.....

I gently pulled both sides apart

and have cut the threads....

turned all to the right side

tacked both sides nice round and removed the loops afterwards....

this is what it looks like

added the fiberfill...using tweezers and my chopstick!  where would I be without my chopstick?!!!  I use it for the teddybears all the time!

It looks like an eating fish I think..................

using the ladderstitch

closed! almost invisible!

Now it is time to think about a border and about the quilting. I'm aware I'm not working the "common" way but that's because I never had lessons for quilting; I had lessons for sewing tho. If I go on quilting ( I think so! ) I might get some lessons because I think there is a lot to learn......on the other hand I love to work "free" and follow my own ideas......Let's see what time will bring!

Thank you for following this project!  here is the link for the lovely quilt-shop:

Time to clean the house now!  Later!


Friday September 12th.

Making the border for my quilt............I really had to think a lot about this and also tried a few things but NO.....I didn't like it.
Finally I decided to take lace, lovely lace from Germany. There was this tiny problem tho! the quilt is round and the lace was not elastic.

This is what I did:

I stitched forwards/backwards all the time, pulling the thread and I used the holes in the lace....
stitch by stitch.......trying to get the lace around the circle......
and......I decided I had to do some more quilting so I quilted 3 rounds around the hexagons and gave little stitches just above the lace I added over the hexagons...

I like it! Mistakes inclusive!  The circle is not round.....but you know what? I'm proud! I designed the pattern and solved some problems.....and it was SO much fun!!!!

In my head it is very "busy" now (like Kay already suggested!) ....I want to design a bear-house and quilt it....I have lovely fabrics and many ideas  ....must think about the size, the size of the bears, how much fabric do I have, how can I improve my patchwork and quilting....all those things!  A LOT to learn!
As you can see I will not be feeling bored this weekend! (I never do btw)

I hope to start next week!  For now I wish you all a very nice weekend!   Pink


Saturday, Octobre 18th 2014


I wanted to make a present for J.....
Some time ago she sent me the beautiful pincushion and it made me look at the internet to find out more about pincushions. I had no idea how many gorgeous pincushions there are on the internet. Great artists! How ceartive people can be!

OK, I had to start designing 3 times; the first 2 were not what I expected. Besides, I don't want to copy anything and I also have to work with the materials we have in this house. Sometimes this is very challenging....

Hexagons! small hexagons this time. I used the method of taping them, ironed them, and stitched it all together. I quilted the seams of the hexagons and added some decorations. I'm a bear-artist and somehow I had to add little bells.....thank the sky J.....is a bear-artist too!

J........dear Josephine from "Creation"......I sticked to my own style.....I know you love shabby-chic and so do I but honestly I'm not very good at it! I'm curious if you will like it when you hold it in your hands! The pincushion will be shipped Monday!  without the pins.....they are the ones you sent me : ))))))))


The pincushion is made of 2 layers quilting-fabric and the stuffing is polyester. The hexagons are made of quilting-fabric and have been stitched by hand; afterwards I added them by hand to the circle.
This pincushion took me 2 days to make it, little by little and loaded love!

Thank you for your visit!


October 30th 2014.

Eindelijk! Het duurde even voor ik er uit was wat ik nu wil ga maken!
Finally!  I took some time to find out what I want to make next!


deze!  maar dan anders!
this one!  but different!

Ik ga deze wat verkleinen en aanpassen aan de hoeveelheid stof die ik heb. Het lijkt me leuk om deze te maken; ik ontwierp deze jaren geleden al en heb hem altijd bewaard.

I'll decrease this one and make some changes and make is suitable for the fabric I have. I'm looking forward to making this one; I designed it years ago!

Ik vind dit een erg mooie quilt-stof en ga hem combineren met dik linnen. I really like this quilt-fabric and will combine it with thick linen.

Leuk als je eind volgende week een kijkje neemt of ik al vorderingen heb gemaakt! Nice if you come back end of next week to find out if I made some progress!


Sunday November 2nd 2014.

Zoals dat wel vaker gaat bij mij ben ik aan iets anders begonnen. Dat kwam omdat ik een gezellige avond had bij Jookies, de plaatselijke quilt- en handwerkwinkel zoals ik het noem. Het was Halloween......en we werkten aan hexjes.....natuurlijk! Omdat ik niets bij me had om aan te werken heb ik wat mooie stofjes gekocht, malletjes (handig!)  en ook nog een lijm-pen. Ik ga ook beginnen aan de andere quilt!

Well, as almost always I've started with something else. This happened because I joined a nice Halloween-evening at Jookies, our local quilt- and embroidery shop as I call it. We worked at hexagons (we call them little wiches!). I had nothing to work with so I bought some nice fabric, papers and a glue-pen. I will start with the other quilt too!

de lijm-pen! wat een uitvinding en NOG handiger dan tape! The glue-pen, what a great invention and even more handy than tape!

een beetje lijm aanbrengen; adding some glue

blauwe streep is de lijm; blue stripe is the glue

simpel and snel; easy and fast

en natuurlijk kon ik niet meer stoppen! and ofcourse I couldn't stop anymore!

Ik weet nog niet hoe groot deze quilt gaat worden maar ik ga gewoon door met hexjes maken!
I don't know yet how big this quilt will be but I go on making hexjes!

Wordt vervolgd!  To be continued!



en toen waren er 5...........verslavend????!!!!!  terwijl ik ze maak zit ik te denken: wat ga ik er mee doen? allerlei ideeën gaan door mijn hoofd....het zal me benieuwen!
and then there were 5...............addictive????!!!!!  while I'm making them all kind of ideas go thrue my mind.....i'm very curious where it will end!

en dan te bedenken dat ik een mandje met allerlei stoffen heb en nog een tijdje door kan gaan! oh..oh!

I'm thinking about my little basket with all kind off fabrics; enough to go on for a while! oh..oh!


November 7th. 2015.

Vanaf dit punt heb ik een nieuwe pagina aangemaakt voor hexagons!

Starting here I've made a new page for hexagons!



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