My bearhouse nr. 3 book box

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 Sunday, August 10th  2014.

Some time ago I said I was going to make a new bearhouse as I had found "something" special for a bearhouse and got inspiration. Well, to be honest, it is still laying in my cabinet.....and I've really been thinking about it a lot.....but decided to give it some more time.

However! Last Friday I found something else! Bingo! I LOVE it!

It is what I call a book-box. Made from wood and covered with a plastic layer I think. Not sure. My first thought was: what to do with it? As usual I slept a night over this question and got an idea.

The book-box. I fell for the print. It challenged me to make something inside......most of the time I get inspired by using or seeing colours......
This is what I started with; I used mini-fabric and mohair and glued it into the box
Here you can see there have been decorations added: metal beads and handmade Murano glass-beads from my very dear friend; there is a sky-line.
the other again and some plastic beads
I had to do something about the sky-line and this is what I did: trees.....
Here I already started "feeling" like sitting on a tropical beach....!

the other side again. I need something for a towel or so.......and bought 2 wooden beads in a square shape; I added a piece of a sate-stick and glued it together. There are some paper roses too now!

this is what it looks like at this moment.
In the meantime I've started to make a bear still is a "secret" at this moment what the bear looks like. I need a towel or something like that too and shall make it.

This bearhouse is so much fun to make and design!

If you want to follow this project please come back in a couple of days to see the progress!

Thank you for your visit! Bear waiting!


Tuesday August 12th 2014.

Yes, I started with a little bear!  but......I didn't like the colour! Yesterday we visited my supplier (it is hard to behave and not to buy everything.....but I DID!)  and I got some nice colours of mini-fabric. Also I found mini-disc's 6mm, Hurray!  Well, OK, I bought some mohair too....the colours were so lovely! only 2 pieces....: )))))

head stuffed and closed (12mm disc)

side of the head

eyes, a nose and shaded

happy chap again! I should be happy too if I should go to the "beach-bearhouse"!

Body and limbs to do.....and bear will be disc-jointed with the 6mm disc's - I hope! I've decided to leave BIG openings to be able to reach the disc's. I'll see if I manage to make the joints! Nice challenge!

Now, I'm a bit said because my very dear friend Sylvette is in hope you will recover soon special friend and I'm thinking of you xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   a lot!

Thanks you for your visit and I'll be back soon!

Hugs, Pink.


Sunday August 17th 2014.

Bear is done! I succeeded to make 5 disc-joints with cotterpins. It was not easy!

Bear is appr. 6,5 cm / 2,6 inches.

Bear.....wearing a safety belt, stand alone
The safety belt is made from thick woolfelt and it can be taken off.

The book-box doesn't stay closed itself. Magnets were to thick so finally I decided to give it some lace with decorations; it can be taken off easily.  Could be I'll change this if I find something better!

there are some decorations in the left corner: Murano glass-beads and stones, a bucket with "sand" and I made a little scoop from a piece of wood and wool-felt.
and embroidered towel.....

is the water cold??????

This is what the house looks like. Once again it was sooooo   much fun to design and make it! I can recommend this to any one who likes to make "little" things and has some patience! I think the possibillities are kind of endless! 

Thank you for following this project! 

Wishing you a lovely day / evening!  


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