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It is time to start a new project. The bearhouse  I want to make is waiting......for some ideas. There are some and first of all I'm going to varnish it.....when done I shall start a new page where you can follow everything.

For now.....a new bear!  At a local store I found a beautiful mohair but I also had this beautiful white mohair. What I'm going to do is try to make a combination of the fabrics and......just in case I don't like the result there is enough fabric to make 2 bears instead......!

It took me a while to design this bear because I want a bear with a longer body, shorter legs and more pointed nose. The arms may be long.

here you can see the fabrics; both are felted and soft; I washed them too.

a part of the design; I've pinned the limbs; in my last design I had the seam for the legs on the front and actually I never seemed to like that but also never tried! Now I've made it that way once I DO like it! just have to stuff a bit less......

stitch by stitch....for me it gives the best result
head done! seams have been cut, hairs to the right direction. only thing to do is make a seam for the neck. This fabric doesn't raffle my supplier promised me......it has a coating and the supplier selects the fabrics on that coating. Never knew! It is great to work with!

There will be a lot of rain today they say so maybe I'll have time to go on with the bear!

Please come back one of these days if you want to follow the progress!

Thanks for your visit!

Wednesday 30th July 2014.

It must be the heat......which makes me kind of lazy.  Well, not just me! The lowest temperature in our home is 24 C in the morning.....27 in the afternoon and in the top-floor it is above 30 C. Outside?  High humidity! Today a bit cooler tho and we have had serious rains the last days, with thunder and lightning.

Even our town got floaded, in the centre but also just around the corner (we didn't notice!). Our toilets were making very interesting noise too. We were lucky, we have no damage but a lot of people and companies do. Some cities still try to get rid of the water! Our funny chicken went inside their house.....they are clever!

Not done much "bearing" these days but today I made some progress!

a new and empty bear! it gives me an idea what it will look like and until now I like it! It looks like a "soft" and tender bear at this moment. I'll try to keep it this way!

Maybe tomorrow more pictures....not sure!

Thanks for your visit!


Saturday August 2nd 2014.

Please don't blame me for still being lazy.....the temperature in the house is between 24 and 30 C  and it feels too hot. Outside? even worse! This afternoon there was some rain and it feels a bit cooler so I hope it will stay this way!

When it is this hot and you work with mohair you must be very careful not to make the fabric dirty!I keep washing my hands but to be honest after a while I quit working on this project!

Here is what I've done:

the head is done.....I sculpted for the eyes and I'm still thinking about the nose. Could be possible I'll take another thread for the nose. I don't want to make a very neat nose. There will be a moment I've made up my mind!   This is so me :)))))   Just wait and see!

Did you know it can take me a few days before I add the disc's????? Happened!  Now it is time to stuff!
No promises this time about the progress! Depends on the weather!

One thing is for sure........I'll be back!   Till then!


Thursday, August 7th 2014.

COOL!  Hurray!  22C in our home. Much better!!!!

I try to make the limbs equal. It is a great help if you want the limbs to have the same weight. Here I've added glass-beads and weigh it!
The nose has changed. Already said I might do so. I like this soft look better. The bear is finished!

I'm really happy with the result! In Germany in Vreden there is such a great shop selling all kind of things for creativity. I bought lace.........it is so beautiful!

Bear is. 26 cm /  10 inches, ears included.

All together is was so nice to make this bear!

Thanks for following this project! Hugs!  Pink

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