FREE PATTERNS: teddybears; elephants and more - and knitting

 For me it is very important to have the pleasure of self designing my creations! I like to share my knowledge with you for can use my patterns as you like...... except selling them! Ofcourse you are free to sell the creations you've made from my patterns!

Free patterns, I have some of them and am still working on more.

If you have a problem with printing my patterns you can mail me and ask for a pdf; not available yet for all patterns but not too much trouble to make if you have some patience....

On top you will find stuffed creations; then you will find knitted/crocheted etc. patterns so please scroll down!

Bears etc.: 

No tutorial, no list for what you need ........pattern only!!!!! 

!!!!!!!Check the size of the gusset and side of the head before cutting your fabric!!!!!!! I always cut the gusset from fabric longer than the pattern!

dog on red truck


Hippo Hoppa

Hippo Hoppa:  het gratis patroon / the free pattern: Hoppa


Benjamin!  head only; for the body you can use the pattern of Piet  (I have made little changes to the snout of Piet's pattern)

head only!!!!

  Little the name of this doggie.   I give you the free pattern of the head; you can increase or decrease it as you choose........and please see it as a challenge to design the body yourself (or take one of the bodies on this page if you like)  For the nose I used a shoe-button glass-eye and varnished it. I advise you to make the head from a longpile fur!    Enjoy!!!!


Mountain/forest bear hanging on butterfly at it's back!

Note: the butterfly is not included in the pattern; it is not difficult to draw and you can choose your own!
My bear has no footpaws but they are in the pattern.
Bear-size appr. 14 cm / 5,5 inches.


please scroll down to vintage-look bear called PIET, it is the same pattern!

Tom!  attention: 2 pages! appr. 26 cm / 10 inches.

If you use my pattern: enjoy and have fun!


She is appr. 5 inches / 12,5 cm. I didn't give her footpaws but did draw them for you on the pattern.
If you miss the ears.....I made them from wool-felt.......and I'm pretty sure you can draw them yourself!

If you use my pattern: enjoy!!!

Papa-bear for bearhouse nr. 2! Papa measures appr. 11,5 cm without the ears / 4,5 inches. The ears are made from woolfelt and are not on the pattern. The footpaws are made from woolfelt and stitched on the feet; they are not on the pattern too!

Have fun!

PEGGY! appr. 6,5 inches / 16,5 cm. No gusset! If you want the hand-paws to bend inside make the seam round!
On the pattern each square is 1 cm by 1 cm   or 10 mm by 10 mm.



Mouse Danielle! 

!!! please note:  in this picture you see the shoes; they REPLACE the feet. To make it a bit easier for you I've added feet and footpaws too on the pattern so the choice is all yours! No pattern for the shoes because Danielle has been adopted and I don't recall the size; I do remember cutting 2 equal shapes and adding the piece covering the legs. The shoes have been stitched to the legs.

About the eyes: what I remember is that I made the eye-lids from woolfelt and made them stronger with textile-glue after adding them.
For the tail I used a piece of leather. For the nose I used the point of the snout and tied it! Afterwards I covered it with embroidery thread.

The gusset: it starts at A just behind the snout and it ends close to the stuffing-opening! Please check this before you cut your fabric!


Pregnant mama-bear!

Here is the free pattern for pregnant mama-bear!  my bear is appr. 11 cm / 4,4 inches total length and I used mini-fabric.

just a few tips:

  • if you use mohair, or maybe a stretchy mohair, the bear will look very different and the tummy may be more round
  • the legs have no foot-paw; I added woolfelt afterwards (it looks nice!)
  • if you use this leg-pattern make sure you add some mineral steelshot (or something else) to the feet but not too much because bear might be too heavy and fall (follows the feet!)
  • use the steelshot in the body at the back-side of the bottom 
  • one arm and the tummy have a little magnet so you can put the hand on the tummy; put the magnets inside and afterwards you can use a pin to get them in the right place (but try to do this as best as you can before closing!)
  • I closed the legs on the up-side because the other side is trouble due to a corner!
  • !!!!!!!      don't use magnets if you have a pacemaker or another medical machine before asking your doctor for advise!!!  magnets can be dangerous   and/or disturbing   !!!!!!!

 Pregnant mama-bear!

this was my second design for this bear

Enjoy!  Hugs, Pink


Bun Bun, a new vintage-look rabbit! Here Bun Bun has no foot-paws but you can find them on the pattern just in case you like to make them. Enjoy!  appr. 14 cm / 5,5 inches


Pappa bear; 5-way disc-jointed

same pattern as pappa bear!!!

 please note: 2 pages!


Piet, my "vintage-look no gusset" bear!   5-way disc-jointed; find details on page work in progress!


Retro primitive ellie Dottie, no description of decorations...and I join 5-way


Little Rabbit (the stolen one!) 5-way jointed


Bebe, primitive bear appr. 6,5 inches


Homeless cat nr. 2....  now called posh scarecrow!

Here is the free pattern for my homeless cat nr. least I think it is a cat!

No gusset, the pattern is easy! I used a disc-joint with cotter-pin for the head. The cap is made from a piece of paper and a piece of yarn. The ears are made from wool-felt (not double) and I use to make them stronger with fray-check.




mini bear Koala

Mr. Rouge
Here is a free pattern for Kareltje, Mini Koala bear and Mr. Rouge. You will find Koala bear on top and the second pattern is for both the other ones.

All mini's! appr. 7 cm / 3 inches; all have been thread-jointed with buttons. If you use glass-beads they will probably be able to stand alone. Have fun!

Here is the pattern for bear Anneke and bear Lotje!  Have fun!

bear Anneke and bear Lotje by Pink
(you can find the tutorial from Lotje in pictures on my page work in progress!)

Anneke has a nose from wool-felt; the snout and the paws are made from a different colour silk.

In the pattern I've made the seams between the inner-arm and the paw round; if you use this method the hand will bend inside a little. Can be lovely!

here is the pattern for a rabbit again  ( 3 pages!):
Teddy Talk challenge Easter rabbit

have fun!

On my page: my bears-house you can find details of the mini-critter Babette, bear Bella and Mousy!
Here are the free patterns: 


Frummeltje: I used the pattern for Bella


Free knitting pattern for this salmon coloured doll-bear sweater! 

voor Nederlandse versie scroll down!

this is the pattern for the crocheted decoration

 Pattern in English language:

what I used:

cotton appr. 20 gram
needles 3 mm
crochet-needle 3 mm
3 tiny buttons

my gauche:
10 rows = 2,5 cm = 1 inch
24 stitches in moss stitch (m s)  = 10 cm = 4 inches

used stitches:
-moss stitch (m s): *knit one, purl one, next row knit on purl, purl on knit*  and repeat between * *

used crochet pattern:
* 1 sc - 4 ch s - 1 dc in first of 4 ch s - skip next sc - 1 sc *  = 1 bow
you can see details in picture with drawing!

crochet abbr: 
sc    = single crochet
dc   = double crochet
sl s  = slip stich
ch s = chain stitch

My sweater measures appr. 10 x 10 cm = 4 x 4 inches (depends on the yarn you use)

  • cast on 26
  • 1 row knit
  • 2 / 27 row m s
  • 28 row cast off 10 st in the middle
  • 29 row 8 m s on first part  and 8 m s on second part (shoulders)
  • 30 row boths parts: cast off 1 st (= knit 2 together) at neckside
  • 31 / 39 row m s
  • 40 row cast off (loose.... or else the opening will be too narrow)
  • cast on 26
  • 1 row knit
  • 2 / 22 row m s
  • 23 row make opening: cast off 4 st in the middle (now you have 2 x 11 st)
  • 24 / 39 row m s
  • 40 row cast off

Continue with finishing the opening in the back:
pick up 9 stitches
  • 1 / 4 row knit
  • 5 row knit 2 - cast off 1 - knit 2 - cast off 1 - knit 3 (these are tiny holes)
  • 6 row knit and add 1 st above each hole ( now there are 9 st again)
  • 7 / 8 row knit
  • 9 row cast off

Repeat for the other side except the holes, just knit 9 rows

  • weave in all threads on wrong side of parts
  • close shoulders
  • neck:
  • 1 row crochet 41 sc along neck, start and finish at the opening at the back, make the corners round!
  • 2 row crochet pattern = 20 bows
! they are not sewn together but crocheted together! only 4 bows close the parts at each side!
  • put parts with good sides outside upon eachother
  • start at the bottom and crochet thrue both parts for 4 bows = 4 x pattern
  • now seperate the parts and continue over 1 part for the armholes, make 11 bows and close with a slip stitch
  • repeat for the other side and armhole
  • add tiny buttons to the back
  • if you like you can add decorations!
  •  one side I start at the bottom, the other side I start at the armhole to get all stitches in the same don't HAVE to but I think it is neat.
  • instead of crocheting the sides together with 4 bows you can use a lovely piece of lace
Enjoy!  and I would be honoured if I get pictures from what others made from this pattern! Thanks for looking! Pink

Gratis breipatroon poppen- berentruitje:

(je mag dit patroontje niet verkopen; wel alles wat je er van hebt gemaakt)

ik gebruikte
breinaalden 3 mm
haaknaald 3 mm
3 kleine knoopjes

mijn truitje is ca. 10 x 10 cm

mijn proeflapje in gerstekorrelsteek is
10 pennen = 2,5 cm
24 steken = 10 cm

Gebruikte steken:
gerstekorrel (= 1 r -1 av   en in de volgende pen r boven av en av boven r)

patroon gehaakte rand:
* 1 v - 4 lossen - 1 stokje in de 1e van de 4 lossen - 1 st overslaan - 1 v*  en herhaal tussen * *  (dit is 1 boogje)

  • 26 opzetten
  • 1 pen recht
  • 2 / 27 gerstekorrel
  • 28 middelste 10 st afkanten
  • 29 8 st gerstekorrel over de 1e en laatste steken; dit zijn de schouders
  • 30 minder aan elke halskant 1 st (2 st samenbreien)
  • 31 / 39 gerstekorrel over beide schouders
  • 40 afkanten

  • 26 opzetten
  • 1 pen recht
  • 2 / 22 gerstekorrel
  • 23 split maken: 11 st breien - 4 afkanten - 11 st breien (gerstekorrel)
  • 24 / 39 gerstekorrel
  • 40 afkanten

  • 9 st opnemen (zie detailfoto)
  • 1 / 4 r breien
  • 5 2 r - 1 afk - 2 r - 1 afk - 3 r  (dit zijn heel kleine knoopsgaatjes
  • 6 r breien en zet boven elk gaatje een nieuwe steek bij ( = weer 9 st)
  • 7 / 8 r
  • 9 afkanten
andere kant van het split idem maar zonder gaatjes


  • werk alle draden weg aan de achterkant
  • sluit de schoudernaden
  • haak 41 lossen langs de halsrand en maak de bochten mooi rond
  • volgende toer: haak 20 x patroon voor de rand en sluit met een halve vaste; begin bij het split

  • !!!worden aan elkaar gehaakt en niet genaaid!!!
  • leg de delen met de goede kant naar buiten op elkaar
  • begin aan de onderkant van de zijnaad en haak -door beide delen- 4 x patroon gehaakte rand = 4 bogen
  • ga nu verder per deel (niet meer samen haken dus!) voor het armsgat: haak 11 bogen en sluit aan op de 4e boog van de zijnaad met een halve vaste
  • herhaal voor de andere zijnaad
  • zet 3 knoopjes aan het split; 1 in een boogje

Tip: je kunt er voor kiezen om geen boogjes te haken langs de zijnaad maar om ze met een lintje aan elkaar te knopen

Veel plezier en ik zou het erg leuk vinden om foto's te krijgen van truitjes die zijn gemaakt van dit patroon! Pink  

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