woensdag 6 augustus 2014

Today I received a present....

I use to make jokes about how much I love to get presents.........but today I DID get a present, completely un-expected!
Remember little Fisherman who got adopted by a dear and loving Daddy in Belgium? Peter..........

There was a box laying behind our door.....box?????   what could that be? Did one of the men order something?

MY name was on it!  My eyes searched the box to find the sender and I found a little sticker with a name and a lovely picture of 2 gorgeous bears!  Peter......Peter????????????????  what.....what????? 

My fingers started trembling......I opened the box.....carefully because there was this word BREAKABLE.....in the back of my head I thought HOW on earth could the postman push this thrue my mailbox and let it drop on the floor???!!!!!   Once the box was open  I found a picture and it looks like 3D!
It is a picture from little Fisherman looking at me and saying:

Groetjes uit Boechout!
Vissertje xxx

I shall translate it for you: Greetings from Boechout!............Little Fisherman xxx

Oh MY!!!!!!   WHAT a surprise and how SWEET of Peter!  There was this little postcard too, so beautiful, made by Peter Schnellhardt, and Peter had written such sweet words on it!

Again: Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, a couple of hours later, my heart has stopped bouncing like an idiot! Ofcourse I wrote words to thank Peter!  But.....whenever you might read this dear Peter.....the whole world may know how much I appreciate your present and how much it means to me!  

So, once again, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU PETER!!!!!!!    HUGS!!!!!!!!!  Pink

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