maandag 30 juni 2014

a man with a Golden heart......

Dirk.....a man with a GOLDEN heart!  

Who is Dirk?  the man behind the blog 

The first time I heard from his blog was when I got issue 2/2014 from BarReport, a famous German teddybear magazine.
There is a lovely and very interesting story inside about Dirk and his blog.

*****a GOLDEN heart....why do I call it this way?*****

because Dbears organizes a charity auction for 

the Kinderhospiz in Bielefeld-Bethel in Germany.

This is a children-hospice and it is there thanks to mainly charity-gifts and charity in general I understand.

WOW.......they can use money, I'm pretty sure about that!

Thinking about my life I think I have nothing to complain about and ofcourse I will send a donation for the auction! My pleasure!  1 bear?   2 bears?   or...... : )))))

I did read in the magazine that Dirk organizes everything himself and he payed extra costs himself AND did a donation too......WOW again! Sure this man has a Golden heart!

The hospice can use help.....and very humble I ask you: if you have something to donate for the auction.....a teddybear......or something else ......please contact Dirk at his blog! The auction will be beginning next there is enough time!

The world needs more people like Dirk don't you agree? Let's support him and the hospice!

Thanks! Pink

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